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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: March 3

Keepin' the fever going strong.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kentucky Wildcats, 29-0 (16-0), RPI 1, LW: 1

The win over Arkansas gives them their 5th win over the RPI top 25 and their 11th over the RPI top 50.

2. Arkansas Razorbacks, 23-6 (12-4), RPI 17, LW: 2

I don't know about y'all, but I really didn't learn anything groundbreaking about the Hogs in Lexington. I didn't need to see that to know that Kentucky was the best team in the country, or whether or not Arkansas could hang with them. Hopefully, the Hogs can finish strong with a 14-4 conference record.

3. Georgia Bulldogs, 19-9 (10-6), RPI 33, LW: 3

After a 2-0 week, including a win at Ole Miss, the Bulldogs look to be back on track after back-to-back home losses to Auburn and South Carolina earlier this season. They get their shot at Kentucky tonight, and then finish the season at Auburn.

4. Ole Miss Rebels 19-10 (10-6), RPI 47, LW: 3

It was a tough 0-2 week for the Rebels, who looked for certain to be a NCAA Tournament team a week ago. I still think they make it (left to play @ Bama and then Vanderbilt) as long as they don't lose out.

5. Texas A&M Aggies, 20-8 (11-5), RPI 39, LW: 5

Y'all know my stance on the Aggies. They're praying LSU wins out so they can claim they have some RPI top 50 wins. But, I will say this, if people think Texas' 2-11 record vs. the RPI top 50 is good enough to get in the Tournament, I guess A&M's 2-6 record is too.

6. LSU Tigers, 21-8 (10-6), RPI 45, LW: 6

I contemplated not writing anything for the Tigers, because I know Tiger fans don't care about basketball. But, their team is showing signs of life and are on a three game winning streak. They finish their season by hosting Tennessee and then traveling to Fayetteville.

7. Florida Gators, 14-15 (7-9), RPI 83, LW: 7

Billy Donovan, a man with 500 career wins and two national championships, lost to Missouri last week. No one is immune to that #SECBasketballFever.

8. Alabama Crimson Tide, 16-12 (7-9), RPI 81, LW: 8

I don't know if a trip to the NIT could save Anthony Grant's job, but if they win their final two game (Ole MIss and @ A&M) then they'll get some type of post-season. Look like their former coach Mark Gottfried is headed to his 4th straight NCAA Tournament this year. Big shout out to him for getting a promotion out of being fired.

9. Vanderbilt Commodores, 16-12 (7-9), RPI 96, LW: 10

If you've read this far, I'm going to reward you with some commentary on Kevin Stallings screaming, "I will kill you!" to one of his players following their win at Tennessee last week. First off, you can't say "I will kill you" in any context these days. It's like saying that you have a bomb on an airplane. What I have a problem with is the Tennessee assistant snitching. If you watch the video, you see it all stems from the UT assistant snitching to Stallings that the player was clapping in the faces of UT players as the clock winded down. Bruh, if you don't want people clapping in your face then get off your five game losing streak.

10. Tennessee Volunteer Snitches, 14-14 (6-10), RPI 104, LW: 9

I outta drop them to last for snitching, but they've won two of their last 11. I figure that's pain enough.

11. South Carolina Gamecocks, 13-14 (5-11), RPI 93, LW: 11

They beat Mississippi State last week, so they've got that going for them.

12. Auburn Tigers 11-17 (4-12), RPI 136, LW: 12

Losers of four in a row, they avoid the ultimate embarrassment tonight playing Missouri.

13. Mississippi State Bulldogs, 11-17 (5-11), RPI 195, LW: 13

They had a nice little streak there winning three of five, but now are on a four game losing streak. They'll play Missouri for the final game of the season to see who is truly the worst team in the... lol jk we know it's Mizzou.

14. Missouri Tigers, 7-21 (2-14), RPI 202, LW: 14

The only thing that is worse than their RPI is their point differential in conference games they have lost. They've lost 14 conference games by a combined 229 points.