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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter, March 18, 2015: Ashley Judd, Bobby Portis, Michael Qualls, Recruiting

Lots of little things going on lately.

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Bobby Portis has had the kind of season that will leave him prominently placed in the Arkansas record books for a long time. He's the first Razorback ever to have 1,000 points and 500 rebounds by the end of his sophomore season, and in addition to being named SEC Player of the Year by both the coaches and media, he's been named an All-American by both the USBWA (2nd Team) and Sporting News (3rd Team). He's getting a ton of attention leading up to the NCAA Tournament with features like this from the Associated Press and CBS made the following feature that I assume will be broadcast sometime between now and the Tournament:

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The talk about Portis' possible entry into the NBA Draft this year has been heating up over the last few weeks. We'll have more on that after the Hogs' run in the Tournament is over. Portis hasn't let his intentions known, but the SB Nation NBA site already has an NBA Draft scounting report on Portis published. Check out how they think he'd fit into the league and about where he'd be drafted if he came out this year.

Portis isn't the only one getting headlines. With a decent seed in the Tournament comes attention, and Michael Qualls was featured in his hometown paper, which you can read here. It talks a lot about his rise in high school basketball and why he chose to come to Arkansas. There's also a nugget at the very end from his high school coach on whether Qualls might leave early for professional basketball you might find interesting.

Never a bad time for some recruiting tidbits, right? The people at 247 have updated their ratings of Arkansas' in-state prospects here. They discuss one Razorback commit pretty excitedly and discuss a few more players that might be leaning Arkansas' way.

I also want to say something about this Ashley Judd situation. I'm not trying to sound accusatory because I'm not suggesting any particular person reading this did anything wrong. For some reason, some people - and it's certainly not exclusive to Arkansas fans - take having a social media account as having carte blanche to say literally the most vile and disgusting things to other people, and actually tagging said person which ensures they see it. It's not illegal - most of the time - but on a very basic human level that is incredibly wrong and awful. I'm not suggesting her original tweet was cool or that it didn't deserve any response - we posted our response in the Arkansas vs UK recap - but there are lines that shouldn't be crossed, and anything of a sexual nature certainly crosses that line. It's like when arguing with someone in person, you know ripping on someone's momma takes the conversation to a new level. You don't go there. It's unfortunate so many people don't seem to be able correlate those boundaries we use in face-to-face interaction with what we should do online. And again, this isn't targeted toward Arkansas fans. I'm sure there are Kentucky fans who would have done the same to us just as every fan base in the country has people with this problem. It's just very sad that Arkansas fans are being associated with this because of how the whole thing came to be. Rant over.


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