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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: Feb. 16 - Lots of Basketball Info, Arkansas Football in 2015 AND MORE

Can Arkansas make a New Year's Six Bowl in 2015, and the Tweet of the Week!

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Well, I hope you guys made it to Harps, Wal-Mart or some other grocery store to get bread and milk for your milk sandwiches before all the snow got here early this morning. It's nasty outside, and the university is closed (PTL), so don't get out in the mess unless you absolutely have to. On to the links:

Excuse me for being corny, but I think the only thing that could melt all this snow is the basketball team. They're hot, and playing extremely well, as showcased in its thrilling win over Ole Miss Saturday. Bracketologists have Arkansas sitting pretty in the 4-6 seed range depending on who you read. And in Sports Illustrated's latest bracket watch, the Razorbacks are getting the credit they deserve as the clear No. 2 in the SEC with a huge showdown with Kentucky looming following Missouri and Mississippi State this week. NBC Sports also gave Arkansas some love.

It was a pretty wild week in the SEC last week. LSU nearly knocked off No. 1 Kentucky, Arkansas went 2-0 on the road and put up 100 on Auburn then won in the Tad Pad, and Mississippi State had plane engine troubles and had to make an emergency landing somewhere in Missouri. It was also a fun week in SEC hoops with lots of exciting finishes. If you need a weekly recap of what all went on, here's Team Speed Kills' write-up.

The Razorbacks have officially jumped back inside the top 20 in the AP poll this week after a really fun week. Now sitting at 20-5 and 9-3 in league play, it's hard to imagine someone keeping Arkansas out of the top 25, but it happened. You can check out the ballots of the voters here if you'd like. The AD-G's Bob Holt put the Razorbacks at No. 16.

Also, breaking away from basketball for a second, ESPN's SEC blog has a write-up on how Arkansas can MAKE A NEW YEAR'S SIX BOWL NEXT SEASON. The words, "Arkansas is capable of being a New Year's Six team" is uttered in this article. Alex Scarborough lays out how the Hogs can make it, and what could go wrong for Bielema in year three.

Tweet of the Week