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Could Georgia Hire Arkansas Offensive Coordinator Dan Enos?

Kirby Smart is starting to put together his staff in Athens.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN reporter Mark Schlabach stirred up Arkansas fans on Twitter a few minutes ago with this doozy:

Where this idea came from, nobody knows. As several people have pointed out, Enos has a no-compete clause in his contract that covers the entire SEC unless the job is a head coaching position. Here's the pertinent content:

enos non compete clause

The "term" in the contract expires June 30, 2018.

Arkansas has had similar language in several of its coaches' contracts ever since Houston Nutt left to Ole Miss, and none of Arkansas' coaches have made a move from Arkansas directly to another SEC school.

I'd imagine there would have to be some sort of massive penalty be paid in order to get around that, but it hasn't been tested.

However, it's looking more and more like it's just a name Schalbach threw out there, as his responses to learning about Enos' contract appear to accept the idea he won't be leaving.

I'd say it looks like there's nothing here.


Turns out, Georgia did reach out to Arkansas in an effort to contact Enos.

I don't know why Schlabach made it look like he didn't know what he was talking about. Someone clearly leaked Enos' name from the Georgia side.

Either way, I don't expect Georgia to pay what it would likely cost - either through a buyout and/or legal fees - to get around that no-compete clause.