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Arkansas Fight Panel Discussion: Where Should The Razorbacks Go Bowling?

Sunday is, at long last, bowl selection day.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

We should find out Arkansas' destination sometime in the afternoon, and several games and opponents are possibilities. With that, we asked our contributors what their preferences are among the options, and whether or not they would want a rematch with Texas Tech.

Mitchell: No good will come from a TTU rematch. I would love to play a B1G team with a 9-3 or 8-4 record in whatever Florida bowl possible. I think we'd crush them, and Florida is great recruiting-wise.

Adam PPlease no spread offense. Please no spread offense.

JoshNot very interested in a Texas Tech rematch, but I do think they get matched up with a fast paced team. I would like to see West Virginia in Memphis.

Mark: My preference is Memphis so Hog fans can fill the place. And I'd love a rematch with Texas Tech. As noted before, I think we'd still struggle on defense and possibly give up 35 again but score 60-plus ourselves. I salivate at the thought of our November offense going against that D.

Adam F: I care more about the matchup than the location. I'd rather not play an Air Raid team, or any team with a good pocket quarterback. I think Arkansas can beat any other type of team with a similar record. Kansas State, Nebraska, and Penn State feel like blowouts, while West Virginia and Louisville feel like fun challenges. And sure, I'd love revenge on Texas Tech, but I'm still not sure this defense can stop them.

JamieI live just outside Nashville (TN) so I’d love to see them here in the Music City bowl against Wisconsin. I have absolutely no desire to play a rematch against Kliffy and Tech. I don’t think too many people would say Tech is a better team, but we’ve looked beyond awful against every version of that kind of offense we’ve seen this year. There is absolutely no guarantee it’d be any different a second go around.

Robert: It's an interesting stat that no Razorback head coach has won consecutive bowl games in consecutive seasons, and with a favorable matchup, that's one that could go away.  I think that Nashville or Memphis are the best options.  If we play on the East Coast, it will be too far for most fans to travel. The only time you want to play in the same bowl in back to back years is if it's a New Year's Day 6 bowl, so I'm not a huge fan of the Texas bowl either.  I don't mind if we play a spread offense, but one of the things I've read is that they try to avoid rematches, so despite the fact that I'd love to get a chance to kick Kliff's ass (for real, like a 3 score win), I want someone different.  We still have a losing record against Kansas State (2-3) and I thought their fans were pretty cool in the Cotton Bowl. Let's say Kansas State.

EricSelfishly I don't want the Texas Bowl because I have a flight at the same time. A matchup against a Big 10 team would make for an excellent build up and a good match up on the field. Someone like Penn State or even *gasp* Wisconsin.

Trent: I prefer the Liberty Bowl because it's the one bowl game I can definitely attend.  I think it would be fun to play West Virginia.  A rematch with Texas Tech would okay, too.

Doc: I'm hoping for the Music City Bowl. It's a night game before New Year's, and will apparently be against a Big Ten team, and I think those are all good things for Arkansas. I don't mind the Liberty Bowl, especially if it's against Kansas State. I really don't have a desire to play Tech or West Virginia. The Mountaineers played there last year, so maybe the Liberty Bowl will want someone different.

Where do you hope Arkansas goes?