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Tusk Talk Podcast: Arkansas' Bowl Destination, SEC Coaching Carousel, 2016 Razorbacks

The regular season might be over, but there's plenty to talk about right now.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Chad and I are back with the latest edition of Tusk Talk. We recorded this Thursday night, so we do talk a bit about how the Razorbacks ended the season with the Missouri game and the season overall, but we spend most of the time talking about which bowl Arkansas could go to, how the bowl selection process works, and what 2016 could look like for Arkansas.

We also get into the SEC's coaching carousel and discuss how it all impacts the Razorbacks. There's a ton of stuff going on right now.

As always, you can obviously listen to the show right here, or you can find us on the Razorback Sports Radio app by Vsporto, which you can download from iTunes and Android.

Additionally, we're now fully up to speed on iTunes individually so if you do a search for Tusk Talk there, you can find our show, subscribe to it, rate it and all that jazz like any normal podcast. Thanks for listening!