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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - It's Finally Game Week

Get excited for the Liberty Bowl, let all those memories of Alex Tejada return.

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The memories of Arkansas' last Liberty Bowl are still fresh in the minds of many Hog fans, probably because they're just now beginning to thaw out. Here is a trip down memory lane to the last time Arkansas played in Memphis, a 20-17 overtime win over East Carolina. That game turned out to be the biggest of messes. Arkansas didn't convert a single third down, Austin Allen recalls watching Quinn Grovey's pants melting (I'm not kidding) and Alex Tejada hit the game winning field goal. No matter how cold and miserable that game was, everyone who was there will always remember it.

If you haven't been able to find other preview articles or just want another one, FoxSports has one for you. As the article points out, both teams had moments this season where it looked like they wouldn't make a bowl game at all. Arkansas stumbled through September and when Kansas State lost six straight games at one point to fall to 3-6. However, both teams showed some excellent resiliency, which makes for a fun bowl game. Despite how the game starts, there is little chance that either teams lay down.

That resiliency is a reflection of both coaches, who have a long documented history together. Bret Bielema and Bill Snyder even talked some after Arkansas' 1-3 start when Bielema was looking for a way to turn it around. It seems fitting that the Hogs were able to turn the season around right to a matchup against the Wildcats. This article talks more about their relationship, including the strains that were put on it when Bielema left for Wisconsin. Despite that, the two have maintained their relationship and are sure to keep it that way.

One of the biggest things that happens in bowl season is conference bragging rights. If Arkansas is up big in the fourth quarter, some "SEC" chants are likely to break out. Over the past few years the SEC, especially the SEC West, has built some monstrous expectations with sky high contracts for coaches. Team Speed Kills is looking at the other side of that arms race. Right now the SEC West is one of the least content divisions in football because all of their fan bases have such high expectations. Right now Texas A&M is in turmoil with everyone transferring out, LSU nearly fired Les Miles this season and even Arkansas is wondering what could have been if they had taken care of business in September.