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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - When Football Players Dunk

Maybe Mike Anderson could borrow a couple of football players after the Liberty Bowl

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Bowl season is as much team-building as anything else and the Razorback football team is doing plenty of that. Earlier this week they held a dunk contest in the new basketball practice facility. There's a fun video to give you flashbacks of Matt Jones dunking, with the contest complete with Sebastian Tretola as the MC. Some dunks were better than others, and ranged from Frank Ragnow breaking out an Anthony Davis jersey for his, to Jemario Bell taking off from the SEC logo. Bell won the contest, and he has a history of highlight dunks like this one that shattered the backboard in high school.

Stop me if you've heard this one before, but Arkansas has the biggest offensive line in all of football. If you've watched any Arkansas game this year you have definitely heard that one and seen the media guide that features the Razorback big men. Now Kansas State gets to hear all about it in their bowl preparations. The Wichita Eagle says Kansas State isn't afraid of their size though. In addition to having an amazing name, Linebacker Charmeachealle Moore said, "They put their pants on like we put our pants on." Which is, well, probably true and may or may not have an effect on the Liberty Bowl. The Wildcats feel prepared for the Hogs' offensive line because of who they have faced in Big 12 play, but we won't know until January 2nd.

One thing that can swing bowl games in favor of one team or another is motivation. We've seen plenty of teams underperform dramatically in a bowl game simply because they don't want to be there. David Ching of has a very unscientific but still interesting ranking of the SEC's motivation to win. Arkansas is pretty low on the list at No. 7, which seems low mostly because of the lack of a marquee matchup in the Liberty Bowl. There is definitely no lack of motivation from Bret Bielema to give Arkansas a third straight bowl win.

It seems like preview articles for the next season come out earlier and earlier. 247Sports already has a 2016 expectations article for Arkansas. Time will tell if they are just drinking the kool aid from another strong finish but as they point out there are plenty of weapons for Dan Enos to work with on offense next season. Who ever fills in at quarterback will have the opportunity to keep the Razorback offense flowing. If they are successful, they fulfill the prediction in this article and compete for an SEC West crown.