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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: And So It Begins

It's that time of year again! #SECBAsketballFever is back in full force.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kentucky Wildcats 7-0 RPI 18

The quest for going undefeated is still on.

2. South Carolina Gamecocks 7-0 RPI 22

After years of playing an entirely too difficult non-conference schedule, Frank Martin has finally got the schedule thing figured out. They have solid wins over Hofstra (RPI 29) and Tulsa (RPI 46). Do I expect them to stay this high? No, but this could be the year the Gamecocks go dancing again.

3. Vanderbilt Commodores 5-1 RPI 36

Another team that should go back to the NCAA Tournament this season after a hiatus. They lost to Kanas 70-63 in the championship game of the Maui Invitational, after defeating St. John's and Wake Forest to get there. They have some great non-conference games left at Baylor, at Purdue, and home against Dayton. Those would be huge resume building wins when March rolls around.

4. Texas A&M Aggies 6-1 RPI 55

They already have some big wins over Texas and Gonzaga. Their lone loss is to Syracuse. They still have Kansas State and Baylor left on the non-conference slate. I fully expect Billy Kennedy's club to make the NCAA Tournament this year.

5. Florida Gators 6-1 RPI 20

I didn't know what to think of their new coach Mike White. Then he fired John Pelphrey. I'm an instant fan. Only kidding, I'm going to miss searching the archives for the John Pelphrey picture of the week. As for the actual team, only game I've seen them play they got trashed by Purdue 85-70. However, they do have win over St. Joseph's and no bad losses.

6. Ole Miss Rebels 5-2 RPI 191

Seton Hall and George Mason aren't bad losses, but they are the type of losses that will have Ole Miss fans sweating it out and counting wins in March again (like they do every year under Andy Kennedy).

7. Alabama Crimson Tide 4-2 RPI 112

They really struggled to score points against good teams like Dayton and Xavier, but they bounced back with a good win over Notre Dame. You still can't spell Crimson Tide without N-I-T.

8. Tennessee Volunteers 4-3 RPI 181

I honestly haven't watched them play yet, but their three losses are to power five teams by a combined 16 points. So they are close, but I could be a rocky first year for Rick Barnes.

9. Auburn Tigers 3-1 RPI 178

I really don't know what to expect from this year. I could see them sneak into the NCAA and I could see them not break .500.

10. Georgia Bulldogs 3-2 RPI 53

They lost Marcus Thornton, who was the only guy on the roster with a Wikipedia page, so I don't expect them to go to back-to-back NCAA Tournaments.

11. Arkansas Razorbacks 3-3 RPI 239

It pains me to do this, but they are bad. Until Anton Beard comes back, they will struggle to be .500. But I can't wait to be the JUCO All-Stars next season.

12. LSU Tigers 3-3 RPI 296

I warn everyone early in the year that RPI is really misleading, but include it to because it's hilarious to see LSU look this bad. They have the country's top freshman in Ben Simmons, but have somehow lost their last three games. The neutral site losses to Marquette and NC State aren't terrible, but the loss to College of Charleston is astounding.

13. Mississippi State Bulldogs 3-3 RPI 224

You can't recover from losing to a SWAC school. That is #SECBasketballFever at its finest. They'll be great next year though.

14. Missouri Tigers 3-3 RPI 148

They were bad last year and will be bad again this year. They defeated Arkansas State Tuesday night, the last SEC opponent John Brady will face in his career, baring post-season play.