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Tusk Talk Podcast: Breaking Down The Sam Pittman Situation

What's it all mean?

Sam Pittman and his former offensive linemen
Sam Pittman and his former offensive linemen
Doc Harper

Chad and I are back with the latest edition of Tusk Talk, and obviously, the big story right now (or at least it was Monday night when we recorded it) is the aftershock of Sam Pittman leaving Arkansas for Georgia.

The story came out of nowhere Saturday morning, and people have been talking all about it ever since. On this show, we give our takes about why it happened and what it means for the Hogs, both in the short and long term. What does it mean for the Liberty Bowl? What's it mean for this recruiting class? What's it mean for the future Razorbacks?

Also, this whole thing happened because Georgia hired Jim Chaney as offensive coordinator. There's been plenty of debate about whether or not that was a good hire, and we talk about that as well. Was he a good coordinator at Arkansas? Does the hire make sense for Smart?

As always, you can obviously listen to the show right here or download the Razorback Sports Radio app from Vsporto on iTunes and Android. Also, thanks to our friends at Fox Sports Arkansas, you can now download the show like a normal podcast on iTunes, so you can subscribe to it and rate it and all that fun stuff. Thanks for listening!