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Stanford Cardinal 69, Arkansas Razorbacks 66: Oops


Mike Stobe/Getty Images

We're five games into this Razorback basketball season and it seems one thing is clear: Arkansas basically has four players capable of scoring more than a few points in a game. And when any one of them fouls out or struggles or is somehow impeded, bad things will happen.

Two of those players are Moses Kingsley and Athlon Bell, and both fouled out against Stanford. Bell only played for 19 minutes and still led the team in scoring with 17 points. Kingsley stayed in the game for 27 minutes and scored 12 points to match up with 12 rebounds, but Arkansas needed both on the floor much more.

That's hardly the only reason Arkansas gave up a 21-1 run to close the game and lose, but it's a contributing factor, and it's a lesson that should be known throughout this season. Those two, along with Dusty Hannahs and Jimmy Whitt, will comprise the vast majority of Arkansas' points and need to be on the floor.

As for this game specifically, it's a obviously a big disappointment to lose a game in which you have a double digit lead. Wins will be precious this season, and to basically give one away is frustrating.

Arkansas was clinging to a 1-point lead with just under 10 seconds left, but were called for goal tending on Stanford's last gasp drive to the basket. Mike Anderson then picked up a technical foul for good measure for the three point difference. Hannahs nearly drained a desperation three from well beyond half-court but it rimmed out.

Trey Thompson was held out after hurting his ankle against Georgia Tech on Thursday. He's Arkansas' second-best big man this year. Without him and without Kingsley for a chunk of the game, that means the Hogs basically have literally no inside presence. They did still manage to outbound Stanford, but wasn't enough.

And thus ended Arkansas' trip to Brooklyn.