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Internet Chatter - Moving Forward and Bowls, Bowls, Bowls

Get the taste of that Mississippi State game out of your mouth looking at Arkansas' bowl projections.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Moving forward. Thats what Arkansas is forced to do after last week's game that turned into a full speed train flying off the rails. Bret Bielema still says that the Hogs have plenty to be excited about in their final two games this season and are turning the focus to Missouri. The good news for the Hogs is that Missouri doesn't look likely to put 51 up on anyone this season. The Tigers have only scored 20 points in one conference game, against last place South Carolina, and have been held to single digits in nearly half their games this season.

If the Hogs are going to make it an even 50 percent of games with the Tigers scoring under 10 points, they will have to sure up the secondary, which has been struggling all season but last week was a low point. Yes Dak Prescott is probably the best Quarterback in the SEC but the secondary constantly got lit up by the Bulldogs. Both Robb Smith and Secondary Coach Clay Jennings know things need to be fixed in a hurry, despite the Tigers' struggling passing game.

Despite all that Mizzou is still playing for a bowl game, and it would be a huge send off for their coach Gary Pinkel who is leaving at the end of the year. A sixth win would guarantee a bowl for them, but as the Kansas City Star points out, a loss wouldn't knock them from contention. Because of the absurd amount of bowl games in college football, 80 teams will be competing in the post season this year. Right now only 71 teams have made it to the 6 win threshold. 17 teams including Missouri could reach that sixth win, but if that doesn't happen things will get strange.

For the Hogs the situation is relatively clearer, they know they are going bowling but there is still the question of where and against who. It can most likely be narrowed down to the SEC's pool of six games so who knows where the Razorbacks end up. ESPN has the Hogs either in the Belk Bowl against Duke or the Outback Bowl against Northwestern. Two teams going in complete different directions. Duke hasn't won since the officiating debacle against Miami and Nothwestern could head into bowl season with five straight wins. But don't worry, if either of those situations don't sound fun there are are probably about 50 other match ups possible.