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Reasons to Hate: Mississippi State

Ding Ding Ding! It's Hater Time!!!!

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There are 6 teams to be hated in the SEC West.  5 down and 1 one to go.  Arkansas plays host to the reeling Mississippi State Bulldogs coming off a disappointing loss at home to Alabama. Some say that Arkansas benefited from playing LSU the week after they were dominated by the Tide.  It's the same story this week. Arkansas returns home as conquering heroes getting an all too infrequent night game in Fayetteville.  It's late in the season, but it's never to late for Hate.

Reasons to Hate

1. CLANGA Every time CLANGA you break the handle CLANGA off a Starkvillian's bell, CLANGA a former Razorback CLANGA All American gets his wings.CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA Don't actually break CLANGA any cowbells.CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA What would a bulldog fan do without the only thingCLANGA CLANGA that makes them part of a unique fan base?CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA

2. Dak puns. Dak Prescott is a really good quarterback.  He's done more with less.  In fact, he's probably done the most with the least in the SEC since Matt Jones was making plays in Fayetteville.  But can we quit with the puns? Let's go ahead and retire the following for overruse: Dak Attack, Daktastic, Dak To The Future, Dak In The Box.  These are the worst ones: Captain Dak Sparrow, The Daks of Hazard, Dakula, NickleDak.

I actually like Release the Daken, but that would be more appropriate if he was like a change of pace running back or special package quarterback.  Congrats to Dak for the longevity.  I don't know who the next QB is going to be for Mississippi State, but I'm sure the puns won't stop.  Get ready for more shoehorned movie titles, song titles, and exclamatory interjections.

3. Bulldogs. The 2nd most common high school mascot.  The 3rd most common college mascot.  The least interesting live mascot.  Remember when we talked about cowbells in the first point?  How do cowbells match up with Bulldogs?  The dog's nickname is Bully.... Actually the current mascot's real name isn't Bully.  It's Jake.  Sometimes I can really tear in to an opponent's mascot, but it's just too boring this week.  Their mascot history reads like horse racing lineage.  It's that boring.

4. Last year's hate thread. In last year's hate thread, one of the State fans tried to troll with Lance Bass.  WTF? Dude didn't even go to Mississippi State, plus you claim him?  Mississippi State fans also claimed 3 former Miss Americans that went to Ole Miss.  Every year this hate thread turns into a debate of who can spell. I'm not from Arkansas.  I chose Arkansas. That makes Arkansas the better state every time.

5. Dan Mullen. Miami? Georgia? Florida last year?  Every year, it's a new coach opening that Dan Mullen is obviously perfect for.  I'm as tired of it as Mississippi State fans are.  Can we get one off season without hearing State fans complain about how everybody wants their coach which is why they are so good?  They've had a great run over the last 4 seasons, but it's coming to an end now that Dak is leaving.  If all the rumors are going to fly this year, let this be the year it actually happens.