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Arkansas Razorbacks Bowl Projections - Where Do You Want To Go?

Arkansas has clinched bowl eligibility, but the destination is anything but certain.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Bowl projections used to be pretty simple. There was much more structure as to which games a team could go to based simply on how many games that team won.

As you can see, it's much messier now. Arkansas' win over LSU guarantees the Hogs a bowl berth, but it's really anybody's guess where they could end up. The Razorbacks will be favored in their final two games against Mississippi State and Missouri, but regardless of the outcome of those games, the Hogs are heavily favored to end up in the "Pool of Six" mid-tier bowls assigned by the SEC.

Winning both games could get Arkansas into the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, and losing both could send them to Birmingham or Shreveport, but either result could just as likely keep them in the Pool.

Since the SEC assigns teams to the six pool games instead of a tiered selection draft, it's really open speculation. Two of our projections have the Hogs in the Outback Bowl and two in the Music City Bowl, but others still have Liberty and TaxSlayer. It could be any of them.

Stewart Mandel did move Arkansas up to the Citrus Bowl, and it's a possibility. Citrus gets the first pick of teams that don't make the New Year's Six bowls. They'll have plenty of options, but don't usually pick 8-4 teams. However, if Arkansas' would-be 6-2 SEC record catches their eye and there's not another obvious option, it could happen.

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