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Gary Pinkel Retiring From Missouri

Craziness in Columbia continues.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel announced today he will retire after the season due to a lymphoma diagnosis he was given in May. This is obviously terrible news and we all hope the best for Pinkel and his family.

If you're interested in following everything at Missouri from people there who know the culture, I highly recommend the folks at Rock M Nation.

Obviously, this aspect of the story is much less important, but there is a chance the Arkansas-Missouri game could be a farewell game for Pinkel. Missouri is currently 4-5 and has games against BYU this week and Tennessee next week before making the trip to Fayetteville. Missouri could have bowl eligibility clinched by the time they arrive in Fayetteville, could be fighting for bowl eligibility, or they could come into Black Friday knowing it's Pinkel's last game.

Frankly, it's impossible to know how the Tigers will react to all the emotional news coming out of Columbia this week. They could certainly fold up shop, maintain what they've been doing, or start playing their best football of the season. It's all on the table.

Cancer sucks.