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Arkansas Recruiting: New Highlights from Razorback Commits T.J. Hammonds, Deon Edwards, and More

See who's still making big plays with the High School season getting close to the end.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

S Deon Edwards

One good thing Edwards shows in this video is that he is constantly chasing the ball. There are multiple plays where he is in pursuit of the ball carrier and covers a pretty substantial distance to be involved in the play. The play 1:20 in is the perfect example of this. He blows up the blocking at the line of scrimmage, and even though the running back is past him, he covers at least 10 yards down field to make a play. On the very last play he also makes one heck of a block to help extend a kickoff return for his teammate.

ATH TJ Hammonds

Right off the bat Hammonds makes a safety coming up look silly on his touchdown run. He goes straight upfield, makes one cut, and is off to the races, which is the kind of running any coach loves. In this video he is playing against Ozark and they are completely under-matched. Hammonds is blowing by people left and right in this video, which makes for some good highlights, but is nowhere near the level he will face in the SEC.

DT Briston Guidry

A short video from Guidry this week, the first play he grabs a hold of the running back while being blocked and is able to throw him back into the backfield, which is pretty impressive to watch. Next the opposing quarterback spends a lot of time scrambling before Guidry works his way into the play and makes a nice tackle. The last play he recognizes the screen, high points the ball and is able to deflect the pass. Overall a good well rounded highlight reel for him.

LB De'Jon Harris

Harris immediately takes a punt return to the house, despite the fact it was probably a poor decision not to call a fair catch in the first place. Then he does it all for this team, he shows some good mobility at quarterback, then shows Austin Allen he might have competition at the back up punter spot with a nice kick to flip field position. At :50 in there is a nice sack from the linebacker position. Which is where he is expected to play for the Hogs, making that the play of the reel.