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SEC POWER Rankings: Bama's Back

Not that they ever strayed far, but with a resounding performance on Saturday, the Tide is back on top.

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John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

1) Alabama (8-1)

I fell asleep midway through the fourth quarter. I woke up Sunday morning in awe of what it must be like to be an Alabama fan. Many of them probably dozed off, too, knowing that a 20-point lead was plenty enough to sleep comfortably, even if it's against the No. 4 team in the country. What a dream...

2) LSU (7-1)

Leonard Fournette, chasing a Heisman 1.6 yards at a time.

3) Florida (8-1)

Vandy's defense is not that good. The Gators were coming off an emotional win over Georgia, and we're reminded that 22-year-olds can are forever unpredictable. You might think it's easy sailing from here, having locked up the East's bid for Atlanta. However, the impending matchup with in-state rival Florida State looms large.

4) Mississippi State (7-2)

Dak Prescott was still able to put up 300 yards passing and four touchdowns even in torrential downpour on Thursday night. It's hard to be noticed behind Alabama and LSU, but the Bulldogs have won six of their last seven.

5) Arkansas (5-4)

Brandon Allen is now entrenched deeply on the good side of Razorback lore as he should be. It's well deserved for a kid that has given his all for the program. And God Bless Bert for going for two in overtime and his postgame interview answering skills. This was no accident; we know better.

Nice walkoff, Bert.

6) Tennessee (5-4)

Butch Jones is building his program Brick by Brick(s)for hands).

7) Ole Miss (7-3)

Hugh Freeze is overrated. His recruiting skills are welcomed by any school in the country, but simply put, he's not a great coach.

A few months, maybe even a few weeks ago, an Arkansas fan might have made this call.

8) Georgia (6-3)

Good on defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt for getting his defense back on track. Taking a page out of Brian Kelly's playbook, fighting assistants lead to wins. Now comes a not-so-easy stretch of a rejuvenated Auburn, Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech.

9) Auburn (5-4)

The Tigers ran all over the Aggies defense and are one step closer to a bowl game. A home date with Georgia seems much more winnable now.

10) Texas A&M (6-3)

Kevin Sumlin has been taking lessons from Mark Richt, losing control of his program. Sure the quarterback situation is filled with questions, but the fall of A&M makes no sense. If Southern Cal comes calling again, he should bolt.

11) Kentucky (4-5)

As has been the case with other recent Wildcat teams, a strong start is followed by a second half of the season slide. This week's loss to Georgia (27-3) was about as ugly UK has looked.

12) South Carolina (3-6)

The Gamecocks had lost their fight before Steve Spurrier resigned. Now they're fighting but not scoring enough points.

13) Vanderbilt (3-6)

How do you blow a win over the No. 11 team on the road with three minutes left? Give me that 12 yard punt! That's 36 feet!!!

14) Missouri (4-5)

Anytime non-sports media is covering your team, it's not good. You've got to wonder how the players up there are able to handle all the emotional upheaval going on in Columbia. They were having a rough season before all this happened, so it will be interesting to see how they respond.