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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: Bye Week Edition

There's no Razorback Football this weekend, so what on earth will there be to talk about?

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The latest with the infamous Alabama video is whether or not there was some sort of cheating conspiracy among that mic operator whom many believe is the one who shot the video. He's also seen making strange hand signals on video. Does it mean anything? Don't worry. Hogville is on it.

One person saying the issue needs to be dropped is Alabama coach Nick Saban (OF COURSE HE DOES IF IT'S A CONSPIRACY), who said the issue has been resolved after Robinson took responsibility for the issue. Kevin Scarbinsky of and finally put the whole issue to rest (even though he's one of the ones who helped blow it up), because the whole thing has been blown out of proportion and needs to stop.

Arkansas has a bye week, and it comes right at the halfway mark of the season. Which makes this week the perfect time to give some midseason grades. So far most of the units have not been meeting the expectations at the beginning of the season. Most of the offense received respectable grades, although a C+ for the offensive line is a little disappointing. It gets a little more ugly on defense, with the secondary getting a D., Special teams has the worst grade of all the units.

One player meeting expectations this season is Hunter Henry, although he was quiet against Alabama he still leads the SEC in receiving yards (286) and catches (13). That is good enough to land him on the John Mackey Award Midseason Watchlist. Henry is one of 35 on the list for the award for best tight end in the country and he is joined by eight other SEC tight ends.

Since Arkansas has a bye this week, what are you going to watch? No worries, SB Nation has you covered. This week is a big one across the college football landscape, especially in the SEC. Between the top-10 matchups between LSU and Florida or Alabama and Texas A&M, there will be a shake up in the college football playoff picture. There is a complete schedule of games this weekend plus some recommendations on what games to watch in each time slot.