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Bret Bielema Press Conference Tweetcap: Alabama and FlopGhazi Fallout

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, we're a little late on this. Bye weeks are supposed to be low key and smooth. NOT THE CASE, NOT THE CASE. Not for me. Been a crazy week here in the AF offices. Anyway, Coach Bielema met with the media earlier this week. Here's what we learned and what we thought.

But we didn't, so.....

If Arkansas was going to create things, they were in a much better position to do that on the 4th-and-1 than on the fake punt call. I know this has been discussed ad nauseam, but I'll say it again, style of play can be conservative, but play-calling can't always be.

I swear they've said Kody Walker will be back every week for the last month.

I can't imagine Bielema does that same dance several times throughout a game and a camera hasn't ever caught it. We may need a designated BERT-CAM for each game. Someone at ESPN needs to get on that.

Otherwise, we can all agree that Bielema didn't flop and this is all just noise, right? I swear Arkansas message boards and radio shows are the only ones still talking about this. Everyone else in the country moved on.

It's a question worth asking, but that's why coaches are so paranoid about protecting their play calls. That's why they have bench players covering them up with towels and use something to cover their mouths when they talk. That's why they close most practices throughout the year.

"A world full of hate" should be the name of something.

"Come to Arkansas. We only lose to good teams!" I feel better.

That's true. He has. And the Arkansas defense as a whole has been much more effective with him in that spot.

Maybe they shouldn't have spent all of spring and fall camp forcing him to try the weak side spot. He was great in the middle last year.

/sigh. Yep.

Yes, I'm for having five Sebastians on the offensive line. They could throw so many touchdowns.

Um, yeah.

Defensively, definitely. Offensively? Maybe. In ways. Offense was pretty solid in Week 1 with Keon Hatcher and Jared Cornelius back against UTEP.

WOO! There are already instagrams of him catching balls in the hallways and things.

That's a good line. Things Bielema is not: 1) comedian 2) doctor.