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Six Arkansas Razorbacks Assistant Coaches Sign Contract Extensions

Robb Smith, Sam Pittman, Barry Lunney, Rory Segrest, Clay Jennings, and Ben Herbert all received raises and extensions from UA.

As ESPN reported earlier this week, DC Robb Smith received a significant bump:

It's also being reported that Smith has a buyout of $250k through February 2018, however it doesn't apply if he leaves for the NFL or a head coaching position.

OL coach Sam Pittman was bumped up to $525k and the length of his deal was extended:

Tight ends coach Barry Lunney received a 20% raise:

Defensive backs coach Clay Jennings is now up to $350k:

Strength and conditioning coach Ben Herbert also received a significant increase. He'll be higher or as high as some of the on-field assistant coaches. I'm not sure if that's normal at this level of football. It might be.

Defensive line coach Rory Segrest is now making $240k.

Arkansas also noted that offensive coordinator Jim Cheney, wide receivers coach Michael Smith, and running backs coach Joel Thomas have not yet signed new deals but are "being finalized and will be released in the near future." That will surely be an interesting topic in the coming days.