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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: January 6

Conference play starts tonight. Let's see how the teams rank going into the SEC season.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kentucky Wildcats, 13-0, RPI 1, LW: 1

Two words: status quo.

T-2. Arkansas Razorbacks, 11-2, RPI 30, LW: T-2

Don't freak out if they lose tonight at Georgia. It's not the end of the world. If the Hogs lose at Missouri, Mississippi State or Auburn, then freak out. The Bulldogs are a solid ball club with some solid wins. If the Hogs do win, it will means something to selection committee in March.

T-2. LSU Tigers, 11-2, RPI 37, LW: T-2

They haven't lost since Nov. 24. That is truly insane for a team that was plagued with #SECBasketballFever last year. Lucky for them, they'll continue their winning streak at Missouri on Thursday night.

4. Georgia Bulldogs, 9-3, RPI 18, LW: 4

Another team that hasn't lost in the month of December, the Bulldogs have a chance to get a big win over the Razorbacks tonight before traveling the Bayou over the weekend. If they come out of this weekend unscathed, they will be in the driver's seat for second place in the SEC.

5. South Carolina Gamecocks, 9-3, RPI 74, LW: 6

I don't usually leap frog teams when the better ranked team doesn't lose, but Sakorlina's neutral site win over Iowa State is extremely impressive. For that, they jump Alabama. South Carolina is one of those bubble teams in the SEC year and because of their improvement, it has made the conference stronger. This isn't one of your Darrin Horn's Sakorlina teams.

6. Alabama Crimson Tide, 10-3, RPI 47, LW: 5

No bad losses and decent wins over UCLA and Arizona State set them up nicely going into conference play. I think a 12-6 league record gets an 8 or 9 seed in March.

7. Tennessee Volunteers, 8-4, RPI 70, LW: 7

They have the easiest opening conference game possible at Mississippi State. Their next two games are much tougher as they host Alabama and Arkansas.

8. Texas A&M Aggies, 9-3, RPI 51: LW 8

Even with their good RPI, I think they are predestined for the NIT, much like Arkansas was last season. I don't think the selection committee will care much for their non-conference opponents.

9. Ole Miss Rebels, 9-4, RPI 69, LW: 9

LOL, they have to start their conference season at Kentucky. Can they keep the game within 20 of the Wildcats? Doubt it.

10. Vanderbilt Commodores, 10-3, RPI 66, LW: 11

Just like Texas A&M, i think they are predestined for the NIT, which isn't a bad thing considering the state of their program over the past few season.

11. Florida Gators, 7-6, RPI 131, LW: 10

Anyone who has Florida much higher than this in their power rankings than this shouldn't be doing power rankings. The Gators are NIT bound, if they can manage to win 12 conference games.

12. Auburn Tigers, 8-5, RPI 97, LW: 12

They're another team that could be NIT bound if they can find a way to win 12 conference games. It's highly unlikely, but still a possibility.

13. Missouri Tigers, 6-7, RPI 161, LW: 13

You can't spell Columbia without CBI.

14. Mississippi State Bulldogs, 7-6, RPI 193, LW: 14

They're still a dreadful team despite their win over Florida State. My prediction is that they go 2-14  in SEC play.