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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: Jan. 28 - Road Woes Narrative, RPI, Bracketology AND MORE

Plus, revisiting the Bag Man story nearing NSD, and the Tweet of the Week!

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I understand Arkansas isn't the greatest team when playing on the road. The Razorbacks have, over the last 20 years, been one of the more dreadful programs when playing away from Bud Walton Arena. The teams have not ended a season with a winning road mark since 1995, the last time Arkansas was in the Final Four. But of late, Mike Anderson has the Razorbacks playing better on the road. Yes, for real. Here's my latest column in today's edition of the Arkansas Traveler. It's time to put the road woes narrative to bed, you guys. You can decide for yourself, but the facts say Arkansas is a much better team away from Fayetteville now.

One of the things I pointed to when I told Arkansas basketball fans to relax when they were freaking out about the Razorbacks was the RPI of the team. Arkansas has a top 25 RPI in the nation, meaning they are playing well against solid competition so far. Its two best wins are at SMU and at Georgia, whose RPI's are very high as well. But recently, the RPI system did not have Kentucky No. 1, but Kansas instead, who UK beat the brakes off of earlier in the year. So is the RPI really worthless?

SB Nation's latest bracketology is out. And you'll be shocked to see Arkansas is actually in the NCAA tournament as of right now. Sitting at 16-4 and 5-2 in league play, Arkansas is comfortably in the field right now as an at-large team. The Razorbacks are projected to have an interesting first round matchup with a potential date with one of my favorite teams to watch in the round of 32 should it win its first game.

National Signing Day is fast approaching. One week from today, 17-18 year olds will make decisions that change the course of their lives, good and bad. Recruiting is a dirty game, and people who are around it realize it. And saying that, I think it's time to dig up the Bag Man story from Steven Godfrey from last year. It's one of the best, informative stories I've ever read from one of my favorite writers. This story will always be relevant.

Tweet of the Week

Yikes. +1 for JL.