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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: Jan. 2 – SEC West, Jeff Long, Hog Hoops AND MORE

Plus, Hogville does 2015 football predictions, and the Tweet of the Week!

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Wow, the SEC West, save Arkansas and Texas A&M, really laid an egg this bowl season. The supposed strongest division in all of college football went 2-5 in its bowl games, and its reputation is taking a major hit nationwide. I've even been trolled by Ohio State anons on Twitter for things I said about the SEC West back in 2011, so its safe to say the rest of the nation is really enjoying this. No other conference sent more teams to bowl games, giving the SEC more places to slip up, and it has. How big of a reputation hit was this bowl season? Is the SEC's reign over?

When Ole Miss was being shredded by TCU, Jeff Long's mentions on Twitter were pretty NSFW. "Your a joke and so is the commite," one tweet read. However impressive TCU looked to the nation, Long felt like he and his staff got the top four teams right going into yesterday's semifinals. He feels the process was a success, and it's hard to argue with the TV ratings scored by FSU-Oregon and Alabama-OSU. My only question is should TCU have been in instead of FSU?

Some college basketball teams can endure an entire season pretending to be a team they're not. Last season Wichita State ran the table in the regular season all the way to a No. 1 seed in the tournament, only to fall to Kentucky in the second round. Be wary of the pretenders. Seth Davis has a stock report on the Razorbacks. Is he buying or selling the Hogs?

With Arkansas football season over for the next eight months (frowns) and the momentum from the final two months of the season, Hogville is already up and at 'em with 2015 season predictions. Read through and make your own predictions. We've gotta kill the time somehow..

Tweet of the Week

Gonna miss you, 86.