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Now Hiring: Arkansas Offensive Coordinator

Bret Bielema is in the process of interviewing and vetting the next coach to take the wheel of the Arkansas offense. Only he knows what exactly he is looking for after Jim Chaney's departure.


On the offensive side of the ball the Arkansas Razorbacks have been in a constant state of change, rebuilding, regrouping and learning of new systems. There was conflict and inconsistency on the offensive side of the ball for a solid decade. From the awkward arrangement of Gus Malzahn and Houston Nutt to the end of another one just as polar opposite in Bret Bielema and Jim Chaney. The two bookends interrupted briefly by the dicatorship of the Bobby Petrino offense in between.

A senior QB in Brandon Allen will be getting to know his fourth new coordinator in his career. Will his head coach look for that young up and comer from out of nowhere with spark, charisma and energy? A moderately experienced guy looking for that first big shot? Or will he go the predictable way and find a guy with pro style roots from the NFL to lead his offense?

What in your opinion is the most important aspect to look at on a new OC and play callers resume?