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Arkansas Razorback Internet Chatter: Sept. 30 - Texas A&M Review, Arkansas' SEC Relevance, SEC West Hypothetical

Plus, HOGVILLE WANTS BAMA, basketball tickets on sale and the Tweet of the Week!

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It hurts. It stings. It sucks. Arkansas squandered a golden opportunity to send a message to the SEC West and the nation, but couldn't make enough (legal) plays to secure a win over Bernie Mac and the Aggies. Although the Hogs lost in Jerry World for the first time in five tries, Arkansas still has people talking about them. Spencer Hall at EDSBS has been speaking highly of BERT and the Boys lately. "You may have won, Texas A&M. But you bled."

It wasn't just EDSBS singing Arkansas' high praises, however. Sam Khan, who covers the Aggies and the SEC for ESPN, writes Arkansas is rapidly moving toward SEC relevance. As good as Arkansas may be this season, though, they still might be another year away from being able to consistently go toe-to-toe with Alabama and the elite in college football. But as a program, Arkansas is already past the "progress is being made" five weeks into year two with Bielema. Now, the Razorbacks and its fans can legitimately be disappointed it lost to a top 10 team.

In a bit of breaking news that no one has heard about but myself, the NFL has decided to make a trade with the SEC West. The West will take the place of the meh NFC South because, well, quite frankly they're just better. Adam Jacobi at SB Nation break down the head exploding possibility that every team in the SEC West goes 9-3. But seriously, if this happened, Roger Goodell would be like, "ah, yes let's do what Scottie said. I know he was joking, but it's such a good idea." You're welcome, Rog.

Hogville wants Bama. Say it with me: I believe that we will score! I believe that we will score!

Enough football for right now. I get angry each and every time I think about how close Arkansas was to knocking off A&M and rejuvenating the program in the most luxurious stadium in the world. For a game in week 5, it literally couldn't have gotten much better. Okay, I'm done. Now, Arkansas basketball tickets are on sale, y'all. Basketball season is standing at the crosswalk across the street waiting for the "walk" signal. It's that close. Fill up the Bud, fellas.

Tweet of the Week

A final word on the A&M loss. This sums everything up.