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Reasons to Hate: Texas A&M

One of the easiest teams you'll hate all year, but maybe you need some new reasons

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M.  In the past two years, the Aggies have gone from Big 12 failures to SEC media darlings, and I hate that.  While Arkansas fans have been hating Texas A&M for 111 years when the Hogs and Aggies first met on the gridiron.  The Razorbacks have had the edge for most of the rivalry, but fortunes have changed in recent years.  If that wasn't enough for you, here are some more...


1. Reveille. No not the trumpet tune used to tell people it's time to wake up.  I'm specifically talking about the 8th edition of the Aggie Mascot.  I could tell you a lot about Reveille (my older brother is a member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of '04 - that gives me a good idea for #2), but I won't bore you.  Der'rikk Thompson is a 5'-10" 186 lb wide receiver for SMU, and on Saturday, he found himself hurtling out of control towards the over pampered Rough Collie, and that dog refused to get out of his way.  This forced Ryan Kreider into action. The sophomore is responsible for catering to the highest ranking member of the Aggie Corps of Cadets every need which includes taking her to every class he attends, and apparently little miss Rev couldn't be bothered to pay attention to the action on the field.  Some mascot. This hateful little dog obviously doesn't care a thing about Aggie Football.

2. My brother. Yes, my older brother is an Aggie.  If you don't think Aggies are a cult, then you've never spent any time with someone right after they've been programmed.  I know ALL about E King Gill, apparently he's the first person to ever stand at a football game.  Seniors in the Corps of Cadets wear these ridiculous riding boots, and yes, my brother made me take his off.  The worst of it all, is that he doesn't care about Aggie football, so I can't even trash talk him after a win.

3. Thanksgiving Weekend. Since 1992, Arkansas fans have known who they were playing in the last game of the regular season. Texas A&M came to the SEC and messed that up.  I don't know where people get the idea that LSU and Texas A&M is a better rivalry than Arkansas vs. LSU. But regardless, we now have to spend every other Thanksgiving in Missouri.

4. Kenny Trill. I don't know what the deal is with TAMU and nicknames.  We all accepted that Manziel was a giant... well we all dealt with his ridiculous persona and his hundreds of trademarks, but then the next Aggie QB has to have his own nickname? After one game?

5. AT&T Stadium. I hate that we are back there this year against arguably A&M's best team since the rivalry renewed in 2009. I like the winning streak. I'm not ready for it to end, and while the line has been quickly moving east towards Fayetteville, I still feel like this team will fail to matchup with an explosive Aggie air attack.  I guess we'll always have the Jarius Wright game though.

6. SEC/SWC. Arkansas left A&M and the rest of the Southwest Conference high and dry in the early 90's, and it felt good.  During the late 2000's, we decided to lend an old friend a hand and help them earn some extra money by playing games each year in Jerry World. Little did we know that our chants of "SEC SEC SEC" following our dominating victory during the 2009 match would eventually lead them to beg and plead their way into our conference.  Since 2012 when A&M joined, the two schools have flip-flopped with A&M seeing big success and Arkansas down in the pits. I think it's time Arkansas put them back in their SWC place, which was usually pretty far down in the standings.