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Arkansas vs Auburn In Lightning Delay

Everybody's taking a breather

UPDATE: The game clock is winding down to the restart. The game should start back around 7:20 or so.

The Hogs and Tigers entered a lightning delay with just under 10 minutes to go. Auburn's leading the game 38-21 and Arkansas was just about to start a new drive.

If you'd like the optimistic take, the Razorbacks were looking pretty tired and a lot of energy left the game after Arkansas was stopped following Brandon Allen's pick-6. Sometimes teams can come out flat following these lightning delays, especially if a good chunk of the crowd doesn't come back, and it's possible Arkansas can take advantage.

The pessimistic take of course is that this is simply delaying the inevitable defeat and all Arkansas can do is make the final score look more respectable. That feels more likely at this point.

We'll see when they get started back. The restart time for the end of the game has not yet been set. By SEC rule, it will be 30 minutes after lightning has left the area.