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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: July 7 - Mike Anderson, Dallas Keuchel, Auburn Talk

News, notes and interesting reads from around these here Interwebz. #VoteKeuchel #VoteKeuchel #VoteKeuchel

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Mike Anderson not in ESPN's top 50 college basketball coaches... Or top 75 either. If you've been sort of keeping up with the college hoops writers over at ESPN, they've been doing a countdown of the top 50 coaches in the nation, finally coming to a close with Calipari at No. 2 and Billy Donovan at No. 1. But even after they finished the top 50, the list continued, naming "25 who just missed" the cut. Mike Anderson was not in the top 50 nor the 25 who just missed.

Here are a few of the schools whose coach made the list instead of Anderson: Wisconsin-Green Bay, Akron, Northern Iowa, Iona, and Bucknell. Now I don't know if CMA should have made the top 50, but leaving him out of the top 75 seems kind of harsh considering he's coached some good teams. Thoughts?

Former Razorback pitcher Dallas Keuchel could make the All-Star Game in Minnesota, but he needs your help. Keuchel has been the Astros most consistent starter this season and is tied for the American League lead with three complete games. It isn't every day that a former Razorback is in contention for a roster spot in the All-Star Game, so go all Arkansas fan on that ballot. You can also tweet #VoteKeuchel to send in your vote. And if you haven't really kept up with Keuchel this season or know who he is, just vote for him because of his face salad. It's amazing.

You want to watch every snap of the 2013 Auburn-Arkansas game in 30 minutes? Yes? Awesome, because College and Magnolia has it for you.

Hogville discusses how much Arkansas will beat Auburn by in the opener. Other than Bret Bielema going on statewide sports radio last week and mentioning D'Arthur Cowan's dismissal and him taking a jab at OU and DGB, there really hasn't been a lot going on. But don't fret, Hogville is there. Never mind the fact Arkansas is now a 24 point underdog at Auburn (opened at 20), THE HAWGS GONNA WIN THIS THANG! Also, vote on how much Arkansas will win by. And if you don't think Arkansas will win then get outta the thread, because losing ain't an option here.