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Do Razorback Fans Watch the World Cup?

It's the World's game... is it yours?

Michael Steele

I know without question the dedication the users of this site have for the Razorbacks, but occasionally there are other things in sports that will distract even the most devout Razorback fan.

Whether you're thinking about your fantasy football team (or real NFL team) on Sundays, watching the World Series in October, or cheering against LeBron in the NBA finals, there is a lot going on.

Which brings us to the World Cup.

Are you watching?  Did you find a place to pack in with other fans wearing the "Bomb Pop" colored away Jerseys of the Men's National Team on Monday?   Has the bandwidth at work taken a major nose dive as you watch Chile and Spain?

When you call up your friends, are you eyeing a path to the semifinals should we manage to secure the win against Portugal and get 2nd in the group stage?

Could you care less?  Are you bored by soccer?