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Arkansas Recruiting Update: Keaton Sutherland Commits To Texas A&M Over The Razorbacks

The highly-rated offensive lineman was thought to be leaning toward the Hogs.

Chris Graythen

We don't usually report on out-of-state prospects committing to someone over Arkansas at this point in the year, but we're doing this one because Keaton Sutherland is a highly-ranked 4* offensive lineman who many believed was leaning toward Arkansas. In fact, his 247 Crystal Ball was 91% to the Razorbacks (actually, the only analyst to correctly pick the Aggies, Justin Krainz, made his pick today at 3:58 pm, which seems pretty shady).

No way to spin this as anything other than a disappointment for the Hogs. One reason Sutherland was so interested in Arkansas was because he has two brothers currently attending UA, but in the end it wasn't enough to get him out of Texas. Plus, we're talking about Sam Pittman recruiting a highly rated lineman who was already interested in Arkansas. That's usually a pretty good recipe for success.  Not this time.

Arkansas desperately needs to win some games as soon as possible. Some positive momentum, please! From somewhere! Anywhere!