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Arkansas Fight Poll: NFL Draft Futures Edition

It's the NFL draft on Thursday, and there are some Razorbacks in the mix

Will Alex Collins be a first round draft pick someday?
Will Alex Collins be a first round draft pick someday?
Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

I decided I wanted to do a poll question based on the NFL draft this week, but there are so many angles.  After seeing a surge in draft picks from Arkansas the last couple of years, we may be beginning a (hopefully brief) decline of Arkansas players going in the NFL - which has uncoincidentally coincided pretty well with the drop off in production on the field.  I don't think that's a sign to be worried about the program at this point.

When Petrino was here, we had offensive weapons that were being drooled over by NFL scouts, and a lot of them didn't pan out as well in the pros as they did in Fayetteville and various SEC venues across the Southeast. Hopefully, with Bielema's more pro-style system, we'll begin to see more Hogs drafted in coming years, and having more success in the NFL.

Anyway, this week's poll is about the future of the program.  Which players on the current roster (that just completed Spring Practice) do you see getting drafted in the NFL, and who will go the highest?