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SEC Baseball Power Rankings: May 20

Finally, the regular season is over and the teams are headed to Hoover to crown a tournament champion.

Walt Beazley

1. Florida, 37-19 (21-9), RPI 2, LW: 1

The two positions easiest to rank in this conference are first and last. With a league high 22 wins over the RPI top 50 and winning the overall league title by two games makes the Gators the easy choice at number one.

2. Ole Miss, 40-16 (19-11), RPI 13, LW: 2

They won the wild western division after Alabama lead the way until the middle of the season  The Rebels are in the hunt for a national seed, but their RPI may keep them from that.

3. South Carolina, 42-14 (18-12), RPI 8, LW: 4

After taking two of three from Vanderbilt, the Gamecocks jump them in this week's power rankings. They are also in the hunt for a national seed and the hottest team in the conference, winners of eight of their last 10.

4. Vanderbilt, 40-16 (17-13), RPI 6, LW: 3

I think they are a lock for a national seed, despite being behind Ole Miss and South Carolina. Their 18 wins over the RPI top 50 is the second most in the league.

5. LSU, 40-14-1 (17-11-1), RPI 16, LW: 5

The Tigers are on the bubble to host a regional, but a poor showing in the SEC tournament and they may be the two seed in the Louisana-Lafayette regional. Imagine the embarrassment if Arkansas had to travel to Jonesboro for a baseball regional.

6. Mississippi State, 35-20 (18-12), RPI 30, LW: 6

As winners of seven of their last nine conference games, they are a hot team going into Hoover. I wouldn't be surprised if they won the tournament, considering they have an easy first round draw in Georgia.

7. Kentucky, 32-22 (14-16), RPI 22, LW: 8

Despite their mediocre record, their RPI remains high becuase of their 3rd toughest strength of schedule in the country. It will be interesting to see how the selection committee treats them considering those facts.

8. Alabama, 34-21 (15-14), RPI 24, LW: 7

They've only won three of their last 11 conference games, they're one of the coldest teams going into Hoover. I think they are a solid lock for the NCAA Tournament, but a poor showing in Hoover could result in them being sent to a tougher regional.

9. Arkansas, 35-21 (16-14), RPI 40, LW: 9

The Diamond Hogs handled their business against Missouri and sets them up against Texas A&M today in the SEC Tournament. I like the Razorback's chances, but they need to win some games in Hoover so they aren't biting their finger nails when the NCAA Tournament field is selected.

10. Texas A&M, 33-23 (14-16), RPI 35, LW: 10

As of now, the Aggies are the cut off line for the NCAA Tournament teams in the SEC. But, if they are one-and-done against the Hogs, that may knock them out of a regional.

11. Tennessee, 31-22 (12-18), RPI 45, LW: 11

They're still a bubble team, but likely need to make it to the championship series of the SEC Tournament to receive an at-large bid.

12. Georgia, 26-28-1 (11-18-1), RPI 55, LW: 12

The Bulldogs are the one team in the SEC Tournament that absolutely must win the Tournament to make it into the NCAA Tournament. Obviously, the SEC is the best/toughest conference in the country.

13. Auburn, 28-28 (10-20), RPI 72, LW: 13

14. Missouri, 20-33 (6-24), RPI 135, LW: 14