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SEC Baseball Power Rankings: April 7

This keeps getting tougher and tougher to do every week.


1. South Carolina Gamecocks, 26-5 (7-5), RPI 1, LW: 1

They were so far ahead of everyone else, that they can lose a series to Arkansas and still be number one. If they had been swept by the Hogs, I would have probably put Kentucky number one.

(Teams 2-4 are interchangeable, because they all have beat up on each other equally)

2. Kentucky Wildcats, 22-10 (6-6), RPI 4, LW: 4

They are tied for the league high in wins versus top 50 RPI with 10.

3. Vanderbilt Commodores, 25-8 (6-6), RPI 7, LW: 2

They had a tough weekend in Knoxville, dropping two of three to a Volunteers club that people thought was on a downward spiral that wouldn't end.

4. Florida Gators, 20-12 (7-5), RPI 8, LW: 3

They lost to Kentucky 17-1 on Friday night, before rebounding on Saturday with an 11-10 victory. They lost the Sunday rubber match 9-8, but at least they showed some fight after getting their Gator tail whooped. They travel to Florida State for a midweek game against the Seminoles and we can only hope they repeat the fireworks from two weeks ago.

5. Alabama Crimson Tide, 22-9 (8-4), RPI 14, LW: 5

I wish I could put them higher because they have won seven of their last eight after losing a series in Fayetteville.

6. Tennessee Volunteers, 21-9 (5-7), RPI 25, LW: 6

Everyone was ready to write them off, but they took two of three from Vandy over the weekend, which is no small feat.

7. Ole Miss Rebels, 25-8 (7-5), RPI 9, LW: 7

With only one win versus the RPI top 50, the Rebels will have four chances to get a top 50 win. The problem is that they are all on the road, with a game at Memphis on Tuesday and a weekend series at Mississippi State.

8. LSU Tigers, 24-8-1 (6-5-1), RPI 22, LW: 9

After an absolutely dreadful start to the conference season, they bounced back with a vengeance last weekend sweeping Mississippi State.

9. Mississippi State Bulldogs, 20-13 (6-6), RPI 39, LW: 8

They were cruising through their SEC schedule, having won every series, until they went to Baton Rouge this past weekend where they were swept.

10. Arkansas Razorbacks, 20-12 (6-6), RPI 85, LW: 12

They shocked the nation with their series upset of South Carolina over the weekend. The Diamond Hogs picked up three wins versus the RPI top 50. UNLV comes to Fayetteville this week ranked 12th in the RPI, so obviously it would be huge for the Hogs to win at least one against them. Then they head LSU, where they will play a team that is hot and dangerous.

11. Auburn Tigers, 19-14 (5-7), RPI 65, LW: 10

12. Georgia Bulldogs, 18-13-1 (5-6-1), RPI 59, LW: 13

13. Texas A&M Aggies, 19-14 (5-7), RPI 77, LW:11

14. Missouri Tigers, 14-16 (4-8), RPI 116, LW: 14

Putting them last is the easiest part of ranking these teams.