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Bielema Talks Arkansas Recruiting, Georgia Prospects, Auburn Game, & More in AJC

Bret Bielema spoke with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and discussed several topics.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Not a lot of groundbreaking stuff here, which may actually be a blessing compared to some of Bielema's other transcripts.

They did, however touch on several topics, including:

  • Growing the Hogs' recruiting presence in Georgia,
  • Preparing for the Auburn game,
  • The perception of his joining forces with Nick Saban to institute the 10-second rule
  • Playing Georgia this season and how that might help recruiting in Georgia
  • One rule he would change if he was in charge of the NCAA
  • And he even mentions GUS! OMG!

Here's one excerpt that I found interesting:

"One of the things that jumped out at me right away last year was that I did a comparative study. And for signing day for (2013), the state that produced the most SEC signings, not Division I, was Georgia. That’s Atlanta, and that jumped out to me. If you look at Division I signees across the country, the top states are traditionally Florida, California, Texas, and Ohio. But when you’re talking about the SEC, the state of Georgia was the No. 1 producer."

And when asked why he thought Arkansas could have success recruiting Georgia:

"Why can’t we have recruiting success in Georgia?" Bielema said. "We have direct flights to Atlanta."

That's right Atlanta-area prospects. Come to Arkansas because we have direct flights! That's what all the kids are hot for these days!

Bielema does go on to give the standard recruiting pitch "program on the rise" yada yada yada, but let's all hope he doesn't begin a real pitch with "we've got direct flights for you!"