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Arkansas Razorbacks Spring Game - TV Info, Kickoff Time, Recruits Visiting and Storylines

Time to get ready for the Red-White Game!


Kickoff Time

1:05 pm central time.

TV Info

The game will be televised on CST in HD. Whether or not you get CST, I'm not sure. People with Cox in Northwest Arkansas definitely have it.

If you don't have it on your cable, you can watch it on ESPN3 - if you don't live in a blackout area, and if you're a Razorback fan, pretty decent odds you're blacked out. Here's the map.

So basically, if you live in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, the part of Texas where I imagine Arlen to be, Mobile, Washington, DC, or Cleveland (!), you get no ESPN3 spring game. Hopefully, you then get the CST.

Recruits Visiting

The Razorbacks are expecting to host over 20 recruits and several of the 2014 signees. You can see the full list here. Of course, after Thursday's events, we'll wait to see if JoJo Robinson makes the trip. One would think it's a good sign if he does.

Things to Watch

Obviously everybody will be watching the quarterbacks. Will the fans freak out if Brandon Allen throws a pick? OH MY GOSH YES!

Beyond that, how will the snaps be split between Austin Allen and Rafe Peavey?

Does Arkansas really have enough linebackers on its roster to fill out both the red and white teams? That's probably a stretch. I'm not sure.

Speaking of the defense, we know Trey Flowers and Tevin Mitchel will both be sitting out, that side won't be at full strength.

Will Korliss Marshall put on "a freak show," as Bret Bielema referred to it last week?

Will the new receivers inspire faith?

Will AJ Derby impress?

What about that Hogs secondary? Will they at least be in proper position?

Will Bielema pull a Pelini and come out with his tiny little dog?



We can only hope!