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Arkansas Razorbacks Spring Practice Report - April 24th

Defensive coordinator Robb Smith and several defensive players met with the media following the final practice (pre Red/White Game) of the spring.

Darius Philon
Darius Philon

With the spring game coming up in a couple of days, the coaches elected to hold the last practice without pads. That should help keep the players fresh for Saturday, but that does mean there's not too much to report tonight.

Robb Smith on expectations for the Red-White Game:

"We’re walking through like we would be in a normal game so we’ll see how they react from that standpoint. We want to make sure they’ve made strides throughout the spring in terms of our technique and knowing the package. The most important thing is that we’re swarming the football and that we tackle better. We want to keep developing our ball disruption and going after takeaways as well."

And how they've evolved on defense since the beginning of spring:

"In our opinion, when we got started the one thing we wanted to do was develop a more physical mentality," Coach Smith said. "I think our guys have embraced that. We’re certainly not where we want to be from that standpoint, but it is an emphasis with our players and they’ve really worked hard to bring that mentality each and every practice. There are no days off in this league. You’ve got to be able to line up, buckle the chinstrap and play physical football week in and week out. We’re starting to embrace that mentality on the defensive side of the ball."

Always nice to be more physical. It's right there at the top of the annual spring practice checklist with aggression and simplicity.