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JoJo Robinson Arrested; Reportedly Cleared, But Maybe Not

The Razorbacks’ highly touted incoming wide receiver was apparently in one of those wrong place, wrong time situations involving an armed robbery and a getaway car.

SB Nation Recruiting

First there was panic and depression and sadness:

All seemed doomed. But wait!

Yes, here’s the full story as we know it right now. Robinson and his father are still planning on attending the spring game on Saturday. Perhaps the Arkansas coaches should consider forcing him to just stay up here in the Ozarks instead of going back to Miami.

All in all, the biggest news from this story is that you can tag Florida inmates on things such as "hunks", "hotties", "wino", and "WTF". It’s my hope that the Washington County Detention website adopts a similar practice.



Oh, boy.

Interesting to see if he gets on that plane to Fayetteville on Friday.