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Mike Anderson Postseason Press Conference Recap

The Arkansas basketball coach spoke to the media Wednesday morning and touched on the state of the program as well as some key updates for next season.

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I was hoping there would be a video of the press conference, but that doesn't seem available. But between Twitter and other reports we can pretty well recap all the relevant information from today's meeting.

No mention of anybody transferring or going pro. So the roster remains as expected for now.

Here's the report from the ADG. It focuses mostly on how Anderson wants to improve the program and how he obviously much prefers going to the Final Four as a participant and not as a part of the coaches' convention.

Actual news! Deets had been with Mike Anderson as far back as his Missouri days, so this will be a real change. It'll be interesting to see what kind of impact a new strength coach will have on this team.

I'm not exactly sure what 15-20% better means. I don't know if that's the win total or a specific stat or some random number akin to describing how much one is progressing after an injury, "I'm about 73% full strength". But it seems specific.

Maybe! The SEC pride in basketball over the last few weeks has been amazing. The SEC did get four teams into the Sweet 16 of the NIT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS so, sure, some of them might have made the Dance's Sweet 16 if they got a good draw (or if Anthlon Bell was having a good night) . It's possible.

I think Keaton Miles is a huge mystery for next season. I have no idea what he's going to be able to do. He's going to have to be much more productive than he was at West Virginia if he's going to resemble Coty Clarke. Can he do it? No clue.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I think Moses Kingsley's development is the biggest key for 2015. You have to hope he can play about double the number of minutes he played this season. He has potential to be a 10 points/10 rebounds guy every night. You'd have to think either Kingsley or Alandise Harris will take Clarke's spot in the starting lineup. I'm very interested to see how those minutes are split up next year.

THERE WE GO! It would be really good for Arkansas to play in one of those neutral court tournaments in November or December. The non-conference schedule will get a boost from the road trips to SMU and Clemson (and SMU in particular should be pretty good). Adding a tournament on top of that will be nice.

The SEC/Big 12 challenge is intriguing. Just hope you don't end up with TCU or Texas Tech unless they are road games. It'll be interesting to see if Arkansas can convince any good teams to come to Bud Walton Arena next fall/winter. Most people try to avoid it.