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SEC Baseball Power Rankings: March 31

The ballot for this week.


Before we get to how I voted this week, we need to discuss how strong of a baseball conference the SEC is. It is truly mind blowing.

This season the SEC is 205-62 overall (76.8 win percentage) and number one in conference RPI. The conference closest to them is the Big 12, who is 135-61 and number two in the RPI. The SEC has 70 wins over RPI top 50 teams. There are four SEC teams in the RPI top 10 and 10 teams in the RPI top 50.

Technically, LSU is in last place in the SEC West, but are 35 in the RPI. Of course, it is early on and they are only 2 1/2 games out of first. Nonetheless, that is still mind blowing.

Now to the ballot.

1. South Carolina Gamecocks, 24-3 (6-3), RPI 1, LW: 1

They brought Tennessee back down to earth by sweeping the Volunteers over the weekend.

2. Vanderbilt Commodores, 23-6 (5-4), RPI 9, LW: 2

After taking two of three from Kentucky this past weekend, it was easy to keep them at the number two spot.

3. Florida Gators, 19-9 (6-3), RPI 8, LW: 8

Not only did they sweep LSU this past weekend, but they defeated Florida State and got in a fight with the Seminoles. You can judge for yourself who won the fight.

4. Kentucky Wildcats, 19-9 (4-5), RPI 4, LW: 3

They probably have the toughest first four series out of any team in the SEC. They started at Alabama where they went 1-2, then took 2 of 3 from South Carolina in Lexington, went 1-2 last weekend in Nashville against Vanderbilt and now they host Florida this weekend. That's a murderer's row of a SEC schedule.

5. Alabama Crimson Tide, 19-8 (6-3), RPI 19, LW: 10

After sweeping Ole Miss this past weekend they stand tied a top the SEC West with Mississippi State.

6. Tennessee Volunteers, 19-7 (3-6), RPI 21, LW: 4

Some are saying that they are coming back to Earth after going 1-5 during there last two SEC series, but the sweep of UNLV and the series win at Arizona State earlier this season keep them up in the power rankings. Of all fan bases, the Razorbacks should know how hard it is to win at Arizona State.

7. Mississippi Rebels, 21-8 (4-5), RPI 11, LW: 5

It is hard to move them up the power rankings with only two wins over RPI top 50 teams and they just got swept by Alabama last weekend.

8. Misssissippi State Bulldogs, 20-10 (6-3), RPI 46, LW: 8

They haven't had the toughest SEC schedule so far (Georgia, Arkansas and Vanderbilt), but they have taken two of three in every series.

9. LSU Tigers, 20-8-1 (3-5-1), RPI 35, LW: 7

They are 3-9-1 in their last 10 games and are currently at the bottom of the SEC West. Enjoy making fun of them while you can, because I don't think they will finish there.

10. Auburn Tigers, 19-10 (5-4), RPI 44, LW: 6

They are the laughingstock of the league this week after losing a series to Missouri.

11. Texas A&M Aggies, 18-11 (4-5), RPI 53, LW: 11

They maintain the status quo by losing a series to Georgia this past weekend.

12. Arkansas Razorbacks, 17-10 (4-5), RPI 113, LW: 12

The Diamond Hogs have a really tough week ahead with Nebraska for the midweek series then South Carolina comes to Fayetteville for the weekend set. If the Hogs can go 3-2 this week that would be huge and they are capable of doing so.

13. Georgia Bulldogs, 16-12-1 (3-5-1), RPI 78, LW: 13

14. Missouri Tigers, 13-13 (3-6), RPI 102, LW: 14