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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: March 3

We made it to March, but there is plenty of basketball left before the "madness" starts.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

1. Florida Gators 27-2 (16-0), RPI 3, LW: 1

They actually have a tough week considering they must travel to South Carolina, who just defeated Kentucky at home, and then host the Wildcats to finish out the regular season.

2. Kentucky Wildcats 21-8 (11-5), RPI 17, LW: 2

Nothing warms my heart more than watching John Calipari struggle to control the monster he created, but their loss to South Carolina does hurt the Hogs a little. The Wildcats must get it together because Georgia is on their heels and the Bulldogs have two winnable games left on their schedule.

3. Arkansas Razorbacks 20-9 (9-7), RPI 53, LW: T-4

What a week for Hawgball. They jumped 12 spots in the RPI from this time last week and went from not being on the radar for the NCAA Tournament to playing for seeding. I still believe the Hogs need two more wins to solidify their spot in the NCAA Tournament. Obviously, if they keep winning, they'll have nothing to worry about.

4. Missouri Tigers 20-9 (8-8), RPI 49, LW: 3

All Frank Haith jokes aside, this team SHOULD make the NCAA Tournament. I'd like to think that their game at Tennessee to end the regular season will be for NIT seeding. The truth is, it looks like the bracketologist are determined to put four SEC teams in the tournament. It will be interesting to see if the NCAA selection committee has the same agenda.

5. Tennessee Volunteers 18-11 (9-7), RPI 48, LW: T-4

They held Vandy under 40 points (!) on Saturday. If they play that well the rest of the season, they'll make the NCAA Tournament.

6. Georgia Bulldogs 16-12 (10-6), RPI 86, LW: 6

Make sure you are sitting down before you read the next sentence. The Georgia Bulldogs could be the SEC regular season runner-up. If this happens, I expect the NCAA to quarantine the entire conference for #SECBasketballFever.

7. LSU Tigers 17-11 (8-8), RPI 61, LW: 7

They must win the SEC Tournament to make the NCAA Tournament. Basically, have fun in the NIT.

8. Ole Miss Rebels 17-12 (8-8), RPI 89, LW: 8

Remember when I had Ole Miss 3rd in the power rankings? Good times. They can still play spoiler if they defeat Arkansas on the road this Wednesday.

9. Vanderbilt Commodores 15-13 (7-9), RPI 96, LW: 9

They don't have a loss to Mississippi State, so they stay above A&M in the power rankings.

10. Texas A&M Aggies 17-12, (8-8), RPI 112, LW: 10

This is the number one team the Hogs don't want to draw in the SEC Tournament, mainly because of the Melvin Watkins curse. Seriously, I rather the Hogs play Florida than A&M.

11. Alabama Crimson Tide 12-17 (6-10), RPI 116, LW: 11

If you search Anthony Grant's name on Google, the second suggestion that comes up is "hot seat." The only thing that might save Grant is his $5 million buyout. Some people who cover Alabama basketball still don't think the buyout could save him.

12. Auburn Tigers 13-14 (5-11), RPI 164, LW: 12

It will be interesting to see if Tony Barbee gets a fifth season on the Plains, considering Gene Chizik was fired after four years. I know their is less patience with football, but who else is Auburn basketball going to get?

13. South Carolina Gamecocks 11-18 (4-12), RPi 175, LW: 13

If you told me that a coach got ejected in game that Frank Martin was coaching, I'd automatically assume that Martin was the coach that got ejected. Leave it to John Calipari to be the coach who got tossed in that scenario.

14. Mississippi State Bulldogs 13-16 (3-13), RPI 227, LW: 14

To their credit, they did defeat "Dunk City" Florida Gulf Coast.