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Cal Bears 75, Arkansas Razorbacks 64: Fin.

22-12, 10-8

It's late, so we'll keep this short. Arkansas started the game with one of their starts that made you wonder if they realized the game had actually started. The Razorbacks only scored six points in the first 13:15 of the game and that was that.

The Hogs made a valiant effort to come back in the second half, cutting the lead to 11 shortly after halftime, and then to within 8 with four minutes to go, but it wasn't enough.

However, the Razorbacks did get a couple memorable moments to add to their highlight reel from this season.

Fred Gulley, who not really been anywhere near the rim all year, pulled this out of his hat to the absolute shock of everyone:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

And what may be the greatest Hog gif of all time


So all in all, not a total loss.

We'll have more on the season wrap-up for the Hogs and where it's headed in the coming days, but a quick wrap up of tonight:

Kudos to Bobby Portis, who most definitely did not get punked by Cal again. He finished with a double/double and scored all six of those first Arkansas points.

Rashad Madden finished with 15 points, five rebounds, and five assists. Alandise Harris had 12 points and seven rebounds. Moses Kingsley had seven points in his 15 minutes.

There just wasn't much of anything else. Even the players who scored the most points shot bad percentages. Only Harris was above 50%. The team as a whole shot just 32.1% for the game. Cal shot 55.3%. There's not really much else you need to know.

Arkansas stayed even with Cal on rebounds, which is nice, I guess. The Razorbacks actually destroyed the Bears on the offensive glass 16-3, and the Hogs even took - wait for it - 31 more field goal attempts than Cal. That's amazing.

I would've thought the Hogs would've been much more competitive if they kept that stat close, but it wasn't nearly enough to overcome a 23% difference in shooting percentage and the giant first half whole they dug themselves into.

But whatever. NIT over. Basketball season over. Now onto baseball and the rest of spring practice.