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Alabama 17, Razorbacks 9: Ugly

11-8 (1-3)

Friday night's SEC home opener seemed like it would go down as just another low scoring affair for Arkansas. The Razorback offense was struggling to come up with hits and they were leaving runners on base every inning.

The first three innings were harmless enough, as neither team had scratched a run across the plate. But as soon as the fourth inning began, all hell broke loose.

The Tide got on the scoreboard first in the fourth inning on a double to right center from Wade Wass. And after Wass' double, the fun really began.

After the Tide pushed across the game's first run, lightning began to strike in the area. And since the lightning was striking within six miles of Baum Stadium, there was a mandatory 30 minute delay. In all, the delay lasted 53 minutes. And to pass the time we watched the NCAA Tournament games on our laptops.

Alabama would add two more runs in the top of the fourth after the delay. But Arkansas answered and seemed to have Uncle Mo on it's side following a Tyler Spoon grand slam to right center. The homer put Arkansas ahead 4-3, but it would be the last time they led.

In the following two innings, the Tide would add 12 runs and break the game wide open. Yes, 12 runs. Alabama added five runs in the fifth and seven in the sixth.

The damage was done in the seven inning via a two-run triple on a misplay by Benintendi in right field, a three-run homer to centerfield, and a two-run double down the line in right field to put the score at 15-6.

Van Horn then also tried to get ejected down 15-6 arguing a call that his guy was thrown out at second base on a fielder's choice. The replay showed that the ball beat the Razorback runner to the bag just in time BUT DVH STILL CARES DAMMIT.

Arkansas tacked on a few late runs in the ninth to close the gap to eight runs, but at that point it didn't make much of a difference.

Friday night was hopefully just an aberration, but it was still one of the ugliest, mind-numbingest games I've ever watched. Arkansas has to bounce back quickly as game two begins on Saturday at 2:05 p.m.