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Bobby Portis Named The Only All-SEC Razorback

The Razorback freshman was named to the All-SEC 2nd team and to the All-Freshman team.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Bobby Portis was honored with All-SEC recognition on Tuesday.

After averaging:

  • 12.4 points per game (27th in the SEC)
  • 6.6 rebounds (10th)
  • 1.13 steals (15th)
  • 1.61 blocks (5th)

and converting

  • 52.9% of his field goal attempts (8th)
  • 74.1% of his free throws (18th; 2nd among non-guards)

Portis was one of the 10 (!) players named to the All-SEC Second Team and one of the eight (!!) players to the All-SEC Freshman team.

I recommend using ESPN for the conference stats as opposed to the SEC's site, which unfortunately fails to mention Portis and other Razorbacks in some categories in which they should be listed. From what I can tell, there are other players from other teams also not listed among their rightful place with the league leaders, so it doesn't appear to just be an Arkansas thing.

However, it is unfortunate that some people may have used that list in voting for All-SEC members.

Rashad Madden finished with these stats:

  • 12.7 points per game (26th)
  • 46.2% of his field goals (23rd, 6th among guards)
  • 41% from beyond the three point line (6th)
  • 82.2% of his free throws (6th)
  • 2.6 assists (19th)

You can certainly make the argument Madden was one of the 18 best overall players in the league.

Either way, congratulations to Portis. No Razorbacks were on the preseason team so it's clearly something he earned. Hopefully this will further motivate Madden to play well in the Tournaments.