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Razorbacks Swanson, Hocker, Smith, Thomas Invited To NFL Combine

Arkansas is sending these four NFL Draft hopefuls to Indianapolis.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Travis Swanson, Zach Hocker, Chris Smith, and Robert Thomas are the Razorbacks invited to participate in this year's NFL Combine.

Swanson is expected to be the highest Razorback drafted. The latest mock draft from SB Nation has him slotted as a 3rd round pick to Detroit. Hocker is one of four kickers invited to attend.

I know fullback isn't the most valued position in the league, but I'm curious to see what happens with Kiero Small. I'm not the best at projecting college football skills to the NFL, but it seems hard to believe he couldn't find a role somewhere in the league. Not really surprised he didn't get an invite to the Combine, but we'll be following his story.

And if you're an Arkansas fan who might be curious, Wisconsin is sending six players, and they're spread out in terms of position. A running back, wideout, offensive lineman, tight end, linebacker, and safety.

The Combine is scheduled for February 22 - 25 and will air on the NFL Network.