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Arkansas National Signing Day Review: Grading the Offense

The class is signed, sealed and faxed. Now what does that mean for the future of the offense?

Rafe Peavey
Rafe Peavey
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

These grades are based on how Bret Bielema addressed the need at a certain position and the talent with which he filled the spots. Each name is linked to the story of them signing on National Signing Day so click there for more information on each player.

Note: In four years -- when three or four All-Americans are listed on this page -- that my low grades look dumb and poorly researched while my high grades are on point.


Commit: Rafe Peavey

He played a smaller school in Missouri and did not receive much attention nationally. This could also be due to the fact that he has been committed since around the same time Danny Ford was fired. When given the national stage in the Under Armour All-American Game he impressed scouts, going 7 of 11 for 73 yards and a touchdown pass.

Grade: A

Running Back

Commit: Juan Day

Based on last year's class and how it has emerged as one of the top young units on the entire team, this wasn't of the utmost importance this go around. Day is ranked as the third-best player in the state and a key piece in retaining in-state talent.

Grade: B-


Commits: Jared CorneliusKendrick EdwardsCody HollisterJoJo Robinson

You've got your pick ranging from a agile, quick, 4.35 slot-type in JoJo Robinson to the 6-foot-4, red zone go-to, big guy in Cody Hollister. This is a good core to build upon.

Hollister and Cornelius were early enrollees and will have had an extra semester come the start of summer practice. Edwards and Robinson had offers from many other choice schools, and are both Miami natives who came secondary to the handiwork of Randy Shannon doing Randy Shannon.

Grade: B+

Tight End

Commit: Jack Kraus

A low grade is not indicative of the talent that the Hogs signed yesterday. It is easy to like the size and game of Kraus, another local kid, and think he will fit nicely opposite of Hunter Henry on big sets. The low grade comes based on not signing at least one more tight end to assist with depth issues at the position.

Grade: C+

Offensive Line

Commits: Jovan PruittFrank RagnowSebastian TretolaBrian Wallace

Bielema and his staff are trying their damnedest to turn the U of A into "Offensive Lineman U." While it doesn't quite have the sex appeal of "Linebacker U" or "Tailback U," he knows that in order to implement his style of offense that he needs more big uglies up front. This group alongside last year's class has a chance to be special.

Grade: A+

Overall, it was a good day for building the type of offense Bielema is known for. There were some misses at running back and tight end, but just imagine. Imagine if that secret recruit had signed. Today would have been an "A++" day.