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Arkansas Razorbacks Moments of the Year - 2014

2014 was an eventful year for Razorbacks fans. What was your favorite moment?

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There were several moments in 2014 that we'll probably remember forever (for good and bad, but this post is just about the good).

Michael Qualls' putback dunk to beat Kentucky

This was a great game from start to, especially, the finish. Other than an actual game, this play probably earned the Hogs more time on ESPN than anything else this year.

Arkansas storms the field after beating LSU

The SEC losing streak came to a decisive end, and when fans saw the players sprinting across the field to grab The Boot, they couldn't help but join in. There are tons of great angles of this but we're going with this one because you can see the irrelevance of the added security in front of the students.

Rohan Gaines' 100-yard pick 6 against Ole Miss

It seems silly to say there was ever much worry about a game the Hogs won 30-0, but with Brandon Allen out with an injury, the Rebels were driving down the field and looked to cut the score to 20-7 when Gaines picked off Bo Wallace in the end zone. The play made everyone breathe a little easier and helped secure bowl eligibility for the Razorbacks.

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Arkansas goes on a crazy run to beat Ole Miss in basketball

Every now and then the Arkansas basketball team goes into a crazy zone in which they're basically unbeatable. That happened in early March against Ole Miss. Arkansas actually trailed by a point nearly halfway through the first half, but in the 20 minutes from the middle of the first half to the middle of the second, Arkansas unbelievably outscored Ole Miss by 47 points. Anthlon Bell and Mardracus Wade combined for 12 threes. It was incredible.

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Tretola's touchdown pass

In terms of pure fun, this was probably the moment of the year. It may be the best fat guy touchdown of all fat guy touchdowns and led to Bielema giving an actual recruiting pitch on TV heading into halftime. This will be the only thing remembered from that UAB game.

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Razorbacks beat Kentucky in Lexington in overtime

Arkansas hadn't won in Rupp Arena since Nolan Richardson's heyday, so this win was incredibly special. I don't know that there was one iconic moment from the game that fans will remember, but I'd put Coty Clarke's three while the game was tied with about 3:30 left in OT at the top. The win put the Hogs back on the right side of the NCAA Tournament bubble...for a while.

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The Texas Bowl

The culmination of everything. This was a great way to make a statement heading into 2015. Razorback fans were excited just to get to a bowl, but to get a primetime slot in an NFL stadium against Texas? Yeah, it was a big deal. Hog fans helped the Texas Bowl set an attendance record en route to watching the team destroy the Longhorns in one of the nation's best defensive performances of the year. Once again, it's hard to pinpoint one moment that sticks out. It could be Demetrius Wilson's big touchdown catch, the defensive touchdown after the fumbled handoff, Hunter Henry catching the fumble, or Arkansas' drive before halftime to answer Texas' only touchdown. That doesn't even include the various sacks and hits the defense delivered. Just a great night.

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Which was your favorite?