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Arkansas Razorbacks Bowl Projections - December 3rd

With the SEC's regular season over, things are becoming more in focus.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

We won't find out for certain which bowl Arkansas will grace with its presence until Sunday, but with the SEC's regular season in the books, it appears the options are becoming more clear.

Twelve teams in the league, everyone but Kentucky and Vanderbilt, earned bowl eligibility this season. Alabama and Mississippi State are almost certain to earn spots in the six Selection Committee bowls. Ole Miss is currently ranked 12th, they have a good chance to join them. Missouri could get an automatic bid if they beat Alabama, but since they're more than a two-touchdown underdog, all projections appear to be anticipating an Alabama victory, which likely would send Missouri to the Citrus Bowl.

For the Pool of Six bowls, that leaves Georgia, Auburn, LSU, and Texas A&M, who all finished with between 9 and 7 wins. That leaves two spots for the four teams that won 6 games: Arkansas, Florida, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Since Arkansas and Tennessee have fan bases likely much more excited (aka more likely to buy tickets), I'd guess those two get the Pool of Six spots and Florida and South Carolina would get the Birmingham and Independence Bowls

That's hardly a certainty, however. There are rumors the SEC will keep A&M out of Houston if they'd face the Longhorns. If that happens it could rearrange some things, including sending LSU or Arkansas to Houston. If that doesn't happen and the SEC puts somebody else in Memphis, I still think Arkansas would do everything in its power to avoid Birmingham and go to Shreveport for both the recruiting and the access for Razorback fans.

Here's what the "experts" are guessing:

SB Nation: Birmingham Bowl vs Memphis

FOX Sports: Texas Bowl vs Texas

Sports Illustrated: Independence Bowl vs North Carolina

CBS Sports: Liberty Bowl vs West Virginia

ESPN: Independence Bowl vs North Carolina (Mark Schlabach); Liberty Bowl vs West Virginia (Brett McMurphy) Independence Bowl vs Miami

Sporting News: Liberty Bowl vs Texas

Athlon: Texas Bowl vs Texas