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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: December 23

Looks like Frank Martin's sweater game caught #SECBasketballFever

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

1.  Kentucky Wildcats, 12-0, RPI 1, LW:1

Vegas now has them a 1:1 favorite to win it all.

T-2. Arkansas Razorback, 9-2, RPI 17, LW: T-2

With Georgia defeating Seton Hall, that trip to Athens is looking a whole lot tougher for the Razorbacks in a few weeks. Those Dayton and SMU wins are holding strong as two top 50 RPI wins.

T-2. LSU Tigers, 9-2, RPI 21, LW: T-2

They, like the Razorbacks, are going through a streak of unimpressive teams on their schedule. I expect both to stay where they are at going into January. That's of course assuming no one catches #SECBasketballFever.

4. Georgia Bulldogs, 6-3, RPI 19, LW: 6

Two weeks ago, the Bulldogs were 9th in the power rankings. Wins over Colorado and Seton Hall have propelled them up to the top. Seton Hall currently has an RPI of 21 and Georgia beat them by 18 in Athens. I'm not to optimistic about the Hogs going in there and getting a win.

5. Alabama Crimson Tide, 8-3, RPI 44, LW: 4

I didn't give them much of a shot going to  Wichita State and keeping it close, but they did. While they gained a lot of respect, they did not pick up the win. If they had won, I would have kept them at four.

6. South Carolina, 7-3, RPI 85, LW: 8

They were the SEC's last shot at getting a win over Clemson and they were able to down their in-state rival. This may finally be the year Frank Martin gets this program back into the NIT.

7. Florida Gators, 7-4, RPI 108, LW: 7

Unlike other SEC teams, Florida has a much tougher schedule left going into SEC play. They still have to go to Florida State and host UCONN. Two wins there could put a dent in their dreadful RPI.

8. Tennessee Volunteers, 6-4, RPI 59, LW: 9

I'm not sold that they are as good as their RPI indicated. They have played a tough schedule (SOS 27), but last week they only beat Tennessee Tech by three and Mercer by 10.

9. Texas A&M Aggies, 7-3, RPI 50, LW: 5

Their lost this past week at Kansas St. isn't a killer, but because they lack quality wins it was a win they really needed.

10. Ole Miss Rebels, 8-3, RPI 72, LW: 11

I watched their win over Coastal Carolina last week and like the Stefan Moody kid they picked up. He is their leading scorer (14.6 ppg), while shooting 38% from the floor. I love volume shooters Ole Miss always seems to have.

11. Vanderbilt Commodores, 8-3, RPI 106, LW: 10

They split last week with a loss at Georgia Tech and a win at home versus Penn. No doubt they are still in the hunt for a NIT bid.

12. Auburn Tigers, 5-5, RPI 110, LW: 14

Finally the Tigers emerge from the cellar of the power rankings because of a win over Xavier. Maybe Pearl can coach this team to a .500 record.

REALLY BAD: Mississippi State Bulldogs, 5-5, RPI 154, LW: 11

Currently, they are on a five game losing streak that includes losses to Arkansas State and South Carolina-Upstate. I'm not sure they would finish in the top half of the Sun Belt.

LAST: Missouri Tigers, 5-6, RPI 159, LW: 13

They're holding it down with the worst RPI in the SEC,