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Could Braxton Miller Transfer To Arkansas and Play for the Razorbacks in 2015?

Could the Heisman candidate become a Hog?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

There's a lot of talk among Razorback fans today about the idea of Ohio State star quarterback Braxton Miller transferring to Arkansas in order to play next season.

The key word in that sentence is "idea" because that appears to be all it is at this point. And the idea may not be Miller's nor Arkansas'. As far as we can tell, Matt Hayes at The Sporting News came up with it while pondering Miller's future plans.

Long story short: although Miller was considered a Heisman contender in the preseason, he was sidelined this season with an injury and J.T. Barrett has proven himself a more than worthy replacement this year, which could prompt Miller to leave Columbus for his senior season. He included Arkansas among his list of five "best options" (Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, and UCLA were the others) with the following comment:

If you’re going to do it, why not go somewhere where the coach has had success with the very thing you’re trying to do? Bret Bielema made it work with Russell Wilson at Wisconsin; he’ll figure a way to make it work with Miller — and increase his draft stock.

There doesn't appear to be any indication anywhere in the piece that Miller is actually considering Arkansas nor that Arkansas would pursue Miller, only that the Hogs might be a good fit for him.

It would be interesting to find out how much interest there might be. It should be noted that this isn't the same situation, at least from Arkansas' side, as Wisconsin's situation with Russell Wilson. In 2011, the Badgers had just graduated starting quarterback Scott Tolzien, and his potential replacements led Wisconsin through a spring game that year with zero touchdowns. Bielema was quoted as saying they "aren't anywhere where we need them to be for us to be a competitive team in the fall."

That's hardly the situation Arkansas is facing. Brandon Allen is scheduled to return for his senior season after leading the Hogs to a bowl game in a 2014 season in which all of his stats increased from previous seasons, and next year's receiving corps and offensive line could be his best yet. It certainly would not be uncharacteristic of Bielema to want to stick with his 5th year senior who already has more than two full years of SEC experience under his belt.

That's not to pretend Allen's numbers are anywhere near as good as Miller's. Allen has never come close to the 63.5% completion percentage Miller earned in 2013, and Miller is also plenty effective as a runner, rushing for 142 yards or more in the last four regular season games for Ohio State that season. His presence would certainly make Arkansas a trendier pick in 2015.

All that to say, I'm not holding my breath for this to happen until we see there might be interest from both parties. If nothing else, Bielema does have a disdain for Ohio State, after all.