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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: December 2

I'm bringing back the RPI rankings this week. Mostly because the Hogs are in the top 10.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kentucky Wildcats, 7-0, RPI 3, LW: 1

Ain't nothing changed, but the date, so they stay the same.

2. Arkansas Razorbacks, 6-0, RPI 6, LW: 2

Look at that RPI! The Hogs have locked in the two spot, in my mind, for a while. I don't see them dropping, or another team doing enough to jump them.

3. Alabama Crimson Tide, 4-1, RPI 17, LW: 6.

Say what? With their win over Arizona State last week, they have one more win over a power 5 conference team than Florida. For me, it's about what you've done to this point.

4. Florida Gators, 3-3, RPI 91, LW: 3

They don't have any bad losses (Miami (FL), UNC, Georgetown), but they don't have any great wins either. If they had defeated Georgetown, I wouldn't have dropped them.

5. Mississippi Rebels, 5-1, RPI 97, LW: 5

Colonel Reb actually had a great Thanksgiving with wins over Creighton and Cincinnati, but that loss to Charleston Southern is still haunting them in the power rankings.

6. Mississippi State Bulldogs, 5-1, RPI 43, LW: 9

For now, their wins over Utah State and Saint Louis are solid wins. Their lone loss to TCU isn't a bad loss right now, but the Horned Frogs could finish last in the Big 12 again.

*Everyone below is ranked last, because they've either done nothing so far, or have some incredibly stupid losses. I am still putting them in order as I would rank them, but they are all tied for last place.*

7. Georgia Bulldogs, 3-3, RPI 179, LW: 3

They have three losses that aren't going to hurt them (Gonzaga, Minnesota, Georgia Tech), but their best win so far is Stony Brook.

8. Vanderbilt Commodores, 5-1, RPI 150, LW: 8

Their strength of schedule is 295. They ain't played nobody, PAAWWWLLL.

9. Texas A&M Aggies, 4-1, RPI 159, LW: 10

Their strength of schedule is 306, They ain't played nobody, PAAWWWLLL.

10. LSU Tigers, 4-2, RPI 103, LW: 12

They haven't won a game by more than 14 points and have played Gardner-Webb, Texas Tech, Weber State, and McNeese State. Nothing impressive here, move along.

11. Tennessee Volunteers, 2-3, RPI 218, LW: 7

Definitely believe they are the most battle tested team in this group, with losses to VCU, Kansas and Marquette. Too bad they're all losses.

12. South Carolina Gamecocks, 4-3, RPI 123, LW: 13

I actually have something positive to say about a team in this group. Here it goes. Their three losses (Charlotte, Baylor, Akron) are by a combined 11 points. They seem so close, yet so far away from breaking through and being the .500 team they should be.

13. Missouri Tigers, 3-3, RPI 142, LW: 12

I gotta new slogan for Mizzou basketball: "Thank God for Chaminade." If it wasn't for the Silverswords, the Tigers would have gone 0-for-Maui.

14. Auburn Tigers, 3-2, RPI 146, LW: 14

This is your weekly reminder that they only scored 35 points against a Frank Haith coached team.